Engage Timezone Configuration Update

Engage Timezone Configuration Update

by Technical Support -
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Dear Students and Faculty,

This announcement is being posted to let you know that two important configuration updates will be applied to Engage tomorrow, Tuesday, October 18 at 8:00am CDT.

The first update will be to change the default timezone of Engage from Central Time to Easter Time.  Once this change has been made, all times that are reflected in Engage will be based on Eastern Time.  This change is being made so that the times that are reflected on the site align with the timezone in which the university operates.

The second update will be to unlock the timezone profile field so that Engage users can set the timezone in their profile to match the timezone in which they live.  Once this change has been applied, you will see that the timezone field in your profile is editable.

The goal of these changes is to allow students and faculty to have greater control over how dates and times are reflected in Engage.  You can find information about how timezones are handled in Engage along with instructions for how to update the timezone in your profile in the Timezones and the Calendar support document.


The Engage Team